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In PS BRNO, we don´t rely on strict quality and standard compliance only, but we are engaged in the development of our region in the form of sponsorship and gifts.



We are a regular sponsor of the Brno ice hockey club HC KOMETA BRNO. We have a deep respect for the success of ice hockey in Brno and we are proud to be its long-term partner.


Městské divadlo Brno, příspěvková organizace (Metropolitan Theatre Brno, subsidized organisation)

For several years, we have been taking care of the cultural life in Brno, too. We take part in the financing of the Metropolitan Theatre Brno in the form of periodical sponsor gifts. We believe that the productions of the Metropolitan Theatre Brno will bring joy to the life of all of us.

Dagmar Children´s Home Brno, subsidized organisation

The Home provides surrogate care for minor children aged 3 to 18 and the DD Dagmar staff pay extra attention to compensate for insufficient family upbringing. In 2016, we started to sponsor the Dagmar Children´s Home.



Chovánek – a family-type children´s centre

Our company also sponsors children in Chovánek – a family-type children´s centre. It is a system of custody for children in need of up to three years of age. In the past, these children were placed in nursery homes.
Save for seriously handicapped children and new-borns who need a special care, all children live in eleven small flats with their „aunts“ who care for them.




LILA Home for Handicapped Children in Otnice, subsidized organisation

We also sponsor children in the LILA home situated in Otnice. The Home cares non-stop for 30 children with serious combined handicaps, who the parents are not able to care for for various reasons.  Qualified staff provide medical care, rehabilitation, education, and also social care for families in difficult life situations. The reward for all are the beaming smiles of these children.





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