Production of Steel Structures

PS BRNO, s. r. o. manufactures steel structures in house, primarily for industrial and administrative buildings.


We provide comprehensive services ranging from design through manufacture and the required surface treatment up to assembly and installation.

We manufacture steel structures in our newly built plant approved for operation in 2008. On 1350 m2 we can produce 80 – 100 tons of steel per month, and if needed we can produce more in cooperation with our business partners.



ARG 500 plus S.A.F.+LG+HD+SD band saw

ARG 500 PLUS S.A.F. band saw for the cutting of large profiles and angle cutting.



IW 55 multi-purpose machin

Shearing of steel strips of up to 300/15 mm, L profiles of max. 120/120/10, round profiles of up to DN 40mm. Perforating of max. 30 mm for the thickness of 16mm



SB 3013 NT table shears + E 30 200 press brake

The table shears (on the right) cut steel sheets of the maximum thickness of 13 mm in the length of up to 3 m, the press brake (on the left) bends sheets of the maximum thickness of 5 mm in the length of 3 m.




Hydraulic sheet bending machine

For the cutting and bending of steel sheets of the maximum thickness of 1.5 mm in the length of up to 6 m.



Other machines and equipment:




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