General Contractor

General contractor’s activities are fundamental in the segment of the building construction. We always offer our customers personalised approach and above-standard quality of work. If we deliver the whole work as general contractor, we are able to achieve the highest quality level. Only in this case we can 100% guarantee the work.

We focus on general contracts for building in all areas of building construction. It is mainly the construction of plants and facilities for industrial production, warehouses or administrative buildings and shopping centres. In the public sector we are primarily involved in the construction of school buildings, specialised projects for medical purposes or science and research with above-standard requirements for the final quality and precision. Furthermore, we build residential and family houses and community service buildings, such as community care houses for seniors.

In all the foregoing plus many other areas we have gathered a great deal of experience we can now rely on in every new project.

View our reference projects where we acted as general contractor.

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