The quality of our services is the utmost goal of the company. Therefore, we decided right in 2004 to introduce a quality management system compliant with ČSN EN ISO 9001. All our employees must work in the spirit of this standard, and in line with the often even stricter internal regulations.


We are not indifferent to the safety of our staff and all the other parties and persons we work with. We have therefore introduced a security and health protection management system compliant with ČSN ISO 45001 and the applicable legal and other regulations. This system is periodically updated, and all our employees are trained in it.


PS BRNO, s.r.o. is committed to the protection of our region for the future, and we are interested in waste management and reduction of the impact of building activities to the environment to minimum. For a systematic approach to environmental protection we have introduced an environmental management system compliant with ČSN EN ISO 14001. All waste handling takes place in conformity with the Waste Management Act.


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