Basic Information

Apart from building production in the area of building construction we have been specialising in the manufacture and erection of steel structures from the very beginning. In 2008, the manufacture of steel structures was moved from a rented plant to our newly built production plant in Chrlice u Brna. The new plant has further made it possible to develop yet another specialisation – manufacture and assembly of aluminium windows, doors and facades.

The aluminium window and facade production and assembly unit grew into one of the 10 biggest companies within this segment in four years, maintaining high product quality, and has managed to keep this position to date.

One of the fundamental pillars of our activities is the implementation of developer projects. To this end, the subsidiary PS – estate, s.r.o. was founded in 2008. Despite numerous problems we had to face at the beginning we managed to complete the first project in 2012 – the construction of a residential building at Křídlovická street in Brno. Other projects are being prepared for implementation in the coming years.


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